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Our Story

Founded in 2020, my midnight cafe is known for revolutionizing the way people in Camden County and Philadelphia eat and enjoy late-night snacks & food.

Responding to the need for an after-hours dining need, Mike V. came up with the idea of My Midnight Cafe. The COVID-19 pandemic saw many restaurants close and the need for contactless dining. Mike V. is here to cover the cravings for a breakfast item or a late-night sandwich or snack different from those offered by the big chains that are exclusively open now after hours. Of course, we offer the classic choices of pizza and tacos and finger food such as wings and chicken fingers. But what distinguishes us is our mouthwatering breakfast! A few selected choices to satisfy your after-hours needs or your munchies! You can even calm down your hungry child! The choice is yours! My Midnight Café is here for you! And to respond to this pandemic’s special needs, we offer pickup and delivery to our neighboring area and Philly! Looking forward to serve you!

French tst bites diner.jpg
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